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i need to learn! omg! help!

2008-04-02 18:28:36 by thebeanhead

the episodes are writen for The life and times of dave mc beanhead by WTF studios (aka me) and now i just need to practice mouths and plain animation like keeping lines the same thinkness (DAM LINES!!)


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2008-04-03 19:53:27

poor bean, go meditate or beat the shit outta ur big headed sister to help u practise! lolz

(Updated ) thebeanhead responds:

lol or i could go beat up a cat its more funner than doin this


2008-04-10 14:20:24

u spelt studios wrong!


2008-04-10 14:20:56

u put "by WTF studious" :S

thebeanhead responds:

well seen there jeeves


2008-04-11 15:05:17

hmmmm, quite! would master like his slippers now?